Purchasing Pro Version

How to Purchasing Graphicsly

If you want to take your graphics asset experience to the next level, Graphicsly is for you. Follow these simple steps to purchase Graphicsly’s Premium edition.

Step 01:

Go to the Graphicsly website first. When you click the “Get It Now” button, you will be taken to the pricing page.

Step 02:

Once you’ve decided on a plan, click the “Get Premium” button on the page. This will bring you to the checkout.

Step 03:

Your graphicsly will be added to the Cart after being forwarded to the checkout page.

Step 04:

You are currently a Graphicsly member. To move on to the next step, double-check your information and click the “Confirm Now” button.

Step 05:

Select your country and postal code to help us determine your location.

Step 06:

Choose a payment method.

Step 07:

at last, Give payment details and finalize payment method.

You’ve finished the first step by submitting your payment. Now we’ll send you two emails shortly. The first step is to confirm the purchase. At this time, you should also receive a link to download the licencing key and plugin.

In the second email, We’ll send you an email with your account information, including a User ID and password.