Terms and Conditions

Graphicsly Premium WordPress Plugin for illustration, icon and 3d asset.

Besnik and graphicsly jointly manage the website graphicsly.com. Before downloading or using any content from graphicsly, please read and understand our terms of usage. Please review our terms and conditions carefully before using this website or purchasing any graphicsly products or services. By doing so, you are indicating that you accept the following terms of use.

Limitation of Liability

The Besnik & Graphicsly website is shielded from duplication by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. If you do so in compliance with the rules protecting intellectual property rights, you are permitted to access, view, and print the materials shown on this website. Individuals with computers in nations with Internet access are the target audience for this website.


Besnik is the only owner of every item on Graphicsly. We highly advise against distributing or selling any of our modified or unmodified products to third parties, and sharing the license with a third party is not allowed.

There are two usage categories for free goods:

Personal usage: You are welcome to use our free goods for personal use, such as learning new information or as an educational resource for students or beginners.

Commercial use: Publishing a website publicly on the web for your own use or others using our products is considered commercial use.

Ownership and Liability

Because of your use of the Services, you undertake to hold Besnik and Graphicsly harmless and indemnify them against any claims arising from your usage. By using our goods, you agree that Besnik and Graphicsly are not liable for any damages caused by the use of third-party products.

Product licenses and user accounts are not transferable.

If you are a contractual developer or a proxy for someone, please ask them to purchase the product directly from us, and it saves time on both ends when we follow up on support tickets.


You must pay the fees for all Graphicsly services and goods listed on the relevant websites. Where you buy a subscription, the payment will be made using one of the many accepted payment methods, and the invoicing will be based on a recurring subscription.

Graphicsly has the right to set new prices for particular products and services periodically.

Graphicsly will automatically renew subscriptions for all products on the purchase date anniversary. Any lifetime licences are excluded from this rule.